8 Months Until Elk Season~Old Draft~NOW POSTING

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November 25, 2015 by The_Shy_Shooter

I apologize for the lateness of this post….

Well I know what I need to do ~ its just the doing…

In prep for Elk Season 2015:

Physical Conditioning ~ for hiking and hauling “Dinner” (the name of the elk we will be bringing home this fall…I am working on my cardio with an app called 5K Runner. I have been doing it 3x/wk for about 3 weeks.
…In another week I am going to add in some arms and shoulder sessions on opposite days of running. I use an elliptical for the running.

I do not believe I should be seen in public running. I have a tendency to trip and face surf on the sidewalks….

Bow Hunting License Class starts Monday for Me.

Daily routine target shooting (less than 30 minutes a day to shoot 4-6 rounds of 4 arrows) Helps with the muscle memory to know the feeling of set-aim-shoot-follow through

Bow Shoot season has started…


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