What Happens When the Indestructible Marriage Destructs? ~RAW~

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June 4, 2021 by The_Shy_Shooter

Part I:

After 25 years the marriage is over. She held on hope and prayed and prayed for a miracle after their discussion but there is no more left in him, He is tired of repeating himself and trying to get her to change and She can’t grasp why he can’t understand that now is the time she is ready, really ready to move forward. These little things can be worked through….They were going to have their best summer…new chapters and adventures but She became ready to late.

March 23rd 2021 they sat together and spoke of a 30 day trial separation under the same roof. In 30 days they were going to touch base and reevaluate where their relationship would be going. Alas, that discussion was Monday April 24th. He sat down visually frustrated and advised her that he was done and there was no changing his mind. She sat shaking at his body language so afraid of what she had a feeling may be coming~ and it came. She did what he asked, after being a stay at home mom for 13 years with a couple part time jobs she found a job, she thought she was just looking for a supplemental family income, but no~ She needed a job that would support a single mom and kid income. She scheduled neuropsychological testing at his request. He told her they needed to see if she has issues with attention, focus and processing information. The last part to clean out and declutter everything, it overwhelms her, She didn’t get that chance. She is trying to adjust, She begged to give it another try to seek couples help, but He will not budge to seek that 3rd party mediator help.

The sad reality, He isn’t saying anything that She hadn’t thought about herself. She even expressed it in a letter and to her counselor.

She has had a week from hell, this first week of June. They have started telling people and she is coming into acceptance.

How is it that they are all of a sudden talking better like friends. The relationship they had wanted all along. He is actually excited, maybe he said looking forward to this new relationship. Why! Why! Why! when it all falls apart are they able to come together~Because of Kiddo! She is their greatest joy and purpose. They talk like friends. There is help with chores in the house now. Where was that when She was struggling.

Why should this couple not blow up? Because there is no infidelity, no excessive crazy spending (HE amazingly got them into a great position for retiring and being secure ~ Security is now a quivering reality), He may say She is crazy, in fact She is going to prove that She is just a normal person with some super long tests, no physical abuse, no alcohol abuse or smoking. This is an ALL AMERICAN household for all intents and purpose.

Its just a 25 Year Series of Unfortunate Events….She is so so very devastated!


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