Elie Wiesel

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July 3, 2016 by The_Shy_Shooter

AAhWsRI.imgToday I celebrate my cousin’s birthday and learned of the passing of a great humanitarian who truly knows that if we forget the past we may be doomed to repeat it. With the 4th of July upon, us, let us STOP~BREATHE~PRAY~BE THANKFUL~ Thankful for those before us, and among us who are witness and fight for what our country stands for, for the people not necessarily those C-I-Cs and govermental people pulling the strings…I am not a gushy person, but I can remember growing up with family in Poland. It seemed for much of my youth they had to work harder than us her in the United States for what they needed and wanted, that WWII haunted them everyday. As a child to me that is what it seemed. I remember hearing that there were people that did not believe the Holocaust had occured and thinking~Wow! I remember hearing about St. Maximillian Colby and the concentration camps, and about a Jew Elie Wiesel speaking out about history as he lived through it. I mourn for the world. His critics can believe what they want they can call his memories a novel not a memoir, but what it gave the world was a slap in the face to tangible history. We have all got very close links in this day and age to WWII survivors and vets and victims and family. We are losing our living historians. Viet Nam vets are now resembling the WWII vets of my younger years. The Greatest Generation leaving us to be replaced by the aging Viet Nam vets, come of whom stretch across the years from the earlier war with new history of their own…Elie Wiesel Thank you for all you have survived to teach, and the legacy you leave for the next generation!

Learn more at : http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/elie-wiesel-auschwitz-survivor-and-nobel-peace-prize-winner-dies-at-87/ar-AAhVt8M?li=BBnb7Kz


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