Why I did not complete WP Blogging101 & Writing101


October 16, 2014 by theshyshooter


Well I have to say that I the main reasons I did not finish my Blogging & Writing commitments is because I stopped and looked up and took a deep breath.

I try to always put the family first, I believe it is THE most important job and duty my creator gave to me.

So much of the time over the month spent out of connectivity, definitely contributed to my lack of writing and concentration on what I needed to do to achieve my writing goals. I have a tendency to put myself on the back burner, as we all tend to do, but during one of my at home moments I heard something that struck my stinging chord.

Michaelbrent Collins a writer of horror (michaelbrentcollings.com) conducted a workshop in my area and I was actually able to attend, even though it was hunting season.

He asked, “Who is a writer?”. Few hands went up, then he rephrased the question, asking something to the affect, who here writes in a journal, for fun, stories….Everyone’s hand flew up. That was his definition of a writer.

The part that really made me think was when he compared writers to professional writers.  To be a professional writer, ” you have to treat writing like a JOB!”

Well there “it” is!

Set a schedule and stick to it! Many people like to write fiction or non-fiction stories. I prefer to write a person’s profile, or memoir. I love the history a person has to share and offer.

Well Shy Shooter, there is no time to waste! It is time to get organized, get people to take you seriously, and just get over “it”~The fears that come with writing will melt away as confidence comes from experiencing the beauty that exists in writing, interactions with my subjects and the beauty of the finished work.

2 thoughts on “Why I did not complete WP Blogging101 & Writing101

  1. lovessiamese says:

    Good for you. Family is important, and balancing family, home, writing, classes, etc. is a balancing act. I’m retired and still struggling with time management. But keep at it. You can do it. There are new online paying sites for writing all the time (I haven’t had time to check them out yet, though). There are also markets for memoirs. Just google search memoirs. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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