The Saga of She: The Start of the Adventure guy

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June 16, 2018 by The_Shy_Shooter

She was diagnosed on April 10, 2018 with IDC, hormone positive, HER2-. Stage 1a. TAKE YOUR TIME & BREATHE. REMEMBER: there is no wrong answer. She met with her first choice surgeon, took some time to read and research and ask questions of her friends and aquaintances, her nurse navigator is a great help in debunking some of the things that she questions in books and online and what she hears “through the grapevine”. Use the nurse navigator; call, e-mail, leave messages. If you have friends or know people that recently went through breast cancer surgeries and treatments use them. After that first breast surgeon appointment she felt like she was left a bit in limbo, this important decision was left up to her. The women she knows had varying experiences to share, her sister-in-law went a holistic approach to build her immune this took her to Mexico for treatments that were shared with her U.S. docs, she makes sure there is clear open commnication between all those on her cancer health team, she is an “on top of it kinda gal”. Her treatment included single nipple sparing mastectomy with implant, she did not want to have radiation or have to take tamoxifen, she is using natural supplementation and has blood tests every 3 months to follow her process….A good friend of She’s went bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, she does not need radiation, chemo or tamoxifen…A 3rd friend of She’s also IDC diagnosis, but hers would be more immediate than anyone I know. She was diagnosed IDC, hormone positive, HER2+, Stage 2, grade 3, her tumor started at 5 cm. She had her biopsy, and chemo first to shrink the tumor to a size that would be manageable for a lumpectomy, she did not want a mastectomy and advised her docs of that decision. She then had radiation for the local care and was put on tamoxifen. There are many cases of cancer in her family, and because she felt her risks were high for uterine cancer she had a hysterectomy and has since changed her systemic medication, She is happy to report her friend is doing great. Her friend just has not been able to get her hair to grow back…Our She had my lumpectomy on Tuesday 6/4/18. She believes this to be the best path for her with the knowledge she has for her situation and convictions. Our She let herself hit info overload about 3-4 weeks after diagnosis. During She’s info searching she met with the first breast surgeon, She felt like the surgeon gave her info overload, and a cookie cutter S.O.P. of lumpectomy with radiation and tamoxifen. Questions about medication were met with more a challenged conversation rather than informed, all attention was focused on She which is great, but She’s Mr. was there to help gather info and reactions to his questions seemed like an irritation, alternative methods were shuned rather than again explained, these personality conflicts are things to look for during consults. The surgeon did not show She an image of the MRI, explain the findings or give She a copy of the report, granted She forgot to ask, details of the procedure seemed an after thought like the surgeon was on auto pilot. The surgeon also did not seem to have a strong relationship with a plastic surgeon for reconstruction options, that was research She did on her own. Then She met with a plastic surgeon to discuss reconstruction options~ She did like the office staff and doc but was feeling like a double mastectomy with delayed reconstruction, b/c that is what the plastic surgeon suggested, felt over the top for her and She was not convinced that this was the best path for her journey. She then met with the Radiation Oncologist, which was not the one She originally picked. The one She wanted to go with (who was recommended by a friend) was on vacay for 2 weeks and She’s NurseNav and 1st breast surgeon felt like She should have a sit down sooner to help ease her concerns, of course She agreed. As fate had it, She’s consult with #2 radiation onco turned out to be what She felt was a more informative meeting than with the breast surgeon. She also had a great personality connection, on the spot she became She’s radiation oncologist. 2 days later She met with a second breast surgeon, which again was fate, both surgeons #1 & #2 were recommendations by friends, and both work out of different hospitals. She does have a favorite hospital so She was trying to keep it simple and easy for herself, but we don’t always connect with people where we think we will. And lo and behold when it comes to cancer the hospitals are doing a great job communicating with each other, the NurseNavs and She’s GP. Surgeon #2 kept saying these are things you have heard before but I will give you my shpeel on it. As it were, She may have been informed of the same info and told the same info at #1, but honestly She must have fogged it out. #2 was a great personality match again, surgeon #2 was more approachable with questions and addressed She’s concerns much better than #1. Before leaving the consult, She hired her as her surgeon and scheduled her surgery 2 weeks later, the week we had nothing planned right after school got out… that you have no doubt possibly gone through a pot of coffee or tried to not fall asleep with She’s story…She hopes this helps you with your decision. It is a big decision, and the start of the journey. She’s wish is for you to see you can take your time and be picky for your Team Cancer Players, now is the time to be more forward and direct than ever, make pro/con lists that relates to your case and feelings (She made all kinds of lists and wrote her decisions down many days and dated them, She has a section in her notebook with a different decision each day including not wanting to deal with the decision)…She hopes this helps because She thinks that is why we all come together in a certain place, at a certain time…Much Love Peace & Happiness to All


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