Blogging 201~Assignment 1: Working Set of Goals

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October 21, 2014 by The_Shy_Shooter

Blogging 201; Assignment 1: Set Three Goals

Bucket List

Bucket List

My buddy the Bucket will probably be a reoccurring character in my Blogging 201 life.  As I/we embark on this second journey to learn more about the blogging world today we have been asked to set 3 goals. From the start of the idea for my blog I have been mapping what I have wanted to accomplish with my blog.

1-Do I want daily features

2-Am i trying to make myself accountable? If i put it out in the universe will I do it?

And the list goes on making my mind look like:mind map complex(No, this is not my mind map but it looked confusing so I thought I would use it, looks like a map of backcountry hunting trails)  So over the course of the last year I have refined my mapping ideas to help me organize what I would like to accomplish so now I am trying to be a little more focused like:

mindmap simpleSee much more simple…Simple is not always a bad thing.

So as today’s assignment has come and challenged us to post our goals here are what I have been able to come up with to keep life easy going.

1-set goals I need to be ready for Archery Elk Season 2015 & document them on The Shy Shooter

2-Complete Blogging 201 Assignments daily~ This will give me a consistent posting practice

3- Hone my writing abilities to take me to the next level with feedback….

It will be interesting to see what this journey brings us. Thank you for your time and considerations ….


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