Writing: Character Building

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September 24, 2014 by The_Shy_Shooter

Merida and broken tablet

Merida and broken tablet


People enter our lives at a certain time, for a certain reason, for a certain amount of time and become a part of our lives. How we meet these people is a matter of chance and circumstance.

In my journey of 2014 for a freelance writing assignment I met a great lady Ms. B who was broken but found the strength to move onward and upward. She took her loss and found her strength in helping others.

Ms. B is a wonderful woman in her fifth decade of youth. She has a magnetic presence that draws your eye and person to her. She has a radiance and energy that draws a person toward her, not like the boisterous repelling magnetism that makes one uncomfortable, on the contrary, the magnetism that makes you want to get to know her as a friend. Ms. B knows who she is, she knows she is a strong, smart individual. She knows she is beautiful inside and out, her halo hair and shining eyes can brighten your day with a wink. That confidence she carries with her may cause people to think of her as prissy and snobby. Those are people not comfortable in their own skin, and people that do not know what she had to go through to get to where she has landed today.

Ms. B is a developer of an important business learning tool for today’s young and old small business owner. She has the experience of failure behind her. Her failure is what fuels her success today, and drives her to help others stay on a safe path and not fall off the cliff into business failure.

She is the person that will walk you out of the dark with a no bull crap line that “things will be easy and you can do it if you give it the old high school try”, she gives you the straight forward bones of what you need to do to succeed with her deep sincere loving eyes.

She walked into my life with her classic jeans and t-shirt style, that I totally relate to, her sparkling eyes and hair loose and free, confident body language that immediately made me want to know her more….


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