Assignment: Give and Take, dialogue

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September 24, 2014 by The_Shy_Shooter

Comparing their ideas about life spanned by a generation was going nowhere. The women just could not wrap their heads around each others’ statements. “You had a choice, you could have spoke up…” said the younger, before being interrupted by the senior’s “You just don’t understand, it wasn’t done that way back then…you just didn’t do it”. Was there such a difference in personalities from the “old days”. Why couldn’t the older woman take the road less traveled, why didn’t she take the leap of faith and have an adventure of her own?

The younger woman, worked hard during high school to get decent grades and saved her part-time job money so she could pay for some of her college expenses. When she got older she left home without looking back, not feeling like she was trapped in the world of “this is how it is”, but rather lets see where the journey goes…



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