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September 18, 2014 by The_Shy_Shooter

Well for those of us (ok me…just wanted it to have a group feel) that needed search tips this is great. It also makes sense when doing www searches. Funny how maybe we already knew this somewhere but needed to have it put out there again… So new elements, I uploaded from my computer to Pinterest for the first time to be able to embed the element into my blog post, lets see how it works: Here is what we found on the hunting trail this past weekend, no wonder we thought the pix were fuzzy:

She was in the camera.

The Daily Post

Hopefully, you’re already browsing topics in the Reader to find interesting new sites, as well as tagging your posts appropriately to help others find you. The Reader can be a little overwhelming, though — especially in popular topics like “music,” “technology,” and “fashion,” where dozens of new posts are added every second. How do you get to the good stuff?

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